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KTB assists individuals who struggle to manage their finances alone to achieve stability by providing Representative Payee and Money Management services.

KTB helps individuals maintain housing by ensuring that all bills are paid, provides education about resources in the community, assists with food insecurity and LINK applications, and educates about fraud and scams.

KTB relies on volunteers to help with various tasks. This allows KTB to keep costs down and provide services to those with low income. All clients that KTB serves are at or below the federal poverty level.

KTB's services have helped those experiencing homelessness achieve stable housing, helped adults with disabilities live independently, and helped prevent abuse.

KTB is able to work with individuals who are served by a social security office located within 75 miles of Bloomington, IL. This includes Bloomington, Normal, Pontiac, Springfield, Champaign and Peoria areas. 
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